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Identity-centric security

The trusted combination of IAM and WAAP

Airlock Secure Access Hub is the central hub for secure access management in a digitalized world: identity-centric security from a single source, perfectly designed to work together. The following graphic illustrates the interaction of IAM and WAAP.

Friendly to users. Relentless to uninvited guests.

The Airlock components work together to provide maximum ease of use and effective protection without compromise. The diagram illustrates how this works.

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Protection against cyberattacks on APIs and applications

Be it malicious bots, zero-day exploits or typical attacks according to OWASP Top 10: Airlock Gateway keeps undesirable and malicious visitors away from your web applications and APIs, e.g. with hardened filter rules and anomaly detection based on machine learning. And in conjunction with Airlock IAM, only authenticated and authorized users are granted access to the application.

Protect yourself today from the risks of tomorrow.

Airlock Gateway

Authentication and access control

Airlock's Identity and Access Management guarantees secure and efficient access to digital services. Users benefit from an excellent user experience and single sign-on, in combination with Airlock Gateway even for non-standard applications. Airlock IAM protects against identity theft and shines with flexible registration and login flows including a large number of authentication methods.

Ensure user-friendly and secure access to your applications.

Airlock IAM

Distributed security checks for modern applications

Application protection for today's APIs and tomorrow's microservices: Airlock Microgateway is designed for use in Kubernetes environments. Security policies and compliance can be perfectly automated thanks to Security as Code. This ensures better integration of security and governance throughout the DevSecOps lifecycle. Modern zero-trust architectures also benefit from micro-segmentation and distributed access controls.

Protect your cloud-native applications.

Airlock Microgateway

Protected applications and APIs

The benefits at a glance

As a coherent all-in-one solution, Airlock Secure Access Hub brings the following benefits:

The components at a glance

Airlock IAM

Central access management

Airlock IAM is the central access management component of the Secure Access Hub. It guarantees users secure access to data and applications, with single sign-on and automated user administration.

Airlock IAM offers context-based authentication of users and clients, and authorises access. The large number of authentication methods supported allows for flexible implementation of strong authentication in conjunction with company-wide single sign-on. Even externally managed identities such as social login profiles or IDs from a federation group, such as SwissID, for example, can be integrated.

Airlock IAM

Airlock Gateway

Web Application and API Protection

Airlock Gateway is both a web application firewall (WAF) and an API security gateway. It also protects against undesired bots and DoS attacks. This product category is also called Web Application and API Protection (WAAP).

Airlock Gateway

Airlock Microgateway

Agile Protection of Microservices

Airlock Microgateway is a lightweight security gateway designed specifically for container environments. With little effort, it helps DevOps engineers and application teams protect their services from unauthorized or malicious access. 

Airlock Microgateway

Airlock 2FA

Strong authentication – Simply secure.

Airlock 2FA is integrated into Airlock IAM and makes strong authentication possible with a second factor. Every customer has the management and use of their personal keys on their smartphone (iOS and Android).

Airlock 2FA offers modern authentication methods such as one touch, offline QR code, passcode and passwordless. This user-friendly and future-proof solution is also cost-efficient.

The entire functionality is implemented as a REST API and therefore enables seamless integration into modern single page applications (SPA) and native smartphone apps.

Airlock 2FA

Features of the Secure Access Hubs

Airlock solutions in action.

Excellent. Reliable.

Thanks to the high level of usability with the new central security infrastructure, we have created a unique Raiffeisen identity for our customers. Customer focus and trustworthiness have top priority in our e-banking solution. With the Airlock Secure Access Hub, we were able to meet these high requirements.

Stevan Dronjak, Team Lead Web Application Security Raiffeisen Schweiz

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Digitisation does not only affect a single business unit, but the entire bank. Accordingly, the offerings within the business segments are tailored to the needs of customers. With the integration of Airlock and SwissID, we want to simplify the registration process.

Sven Bruss, Business Consultant Digital Banking der SGKB

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Airlock's complete solution enables us to provide our external partners with easy access to our various internal applications and guarantees a high level of security.


Ivan Hafner, IT Security Manager at Generali

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Airlock has made us agile and secure. Because it provides the upstream security layer that enables us to develop what is really important: convincing digital services for our customers.


Martin Burri, IT Security Officer Visana

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Further References

Convincing performance: Gold for the Airlock SAH

Not only our customers, but also the independent information security community is convinced. The Airlock Secure Access Hub has been awarded Gold at the Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2022 in the Access Control category. In total, Airlock solutions have won the gold award seven times.

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