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Virtual patching

Secure now, fix later

‘Secure now, fix later’, summarises virtual patching for time-poor readers. This mean the reverse proxy architecture of the Secure Access Hub supports the simple virtualisation of servers and services. In the same way, patches can also be applied ‘virtually’. The advantage is security vulnerabilities can be eliminated quickly and centrally.


Every day we receive news about serious security problems in systems and components used worldwide. Only a short time later, the first exploits are in circulation and attacks on applications and services are launched.

Companies are forced to react quickly, especially when reports on the attacks are distributed in free newspapers. However, business software vendors need time to re-prioritise resources, correct software errors, apply patches and ensure quality. The deployment of an application is also often difficult and requires preparation and implementation time.

It is, therefore, not surprising that, according to the 2018 Whitehat Web Security Report, critical vulnerabilities remain open on average 139 days and high-risk vulnerabilities even 195 days. To solve this dilemma quickly and easily, Airlock offers virtual patching. The first action is to close the gap on the Secure Access Hub. Whether Heartbleed, BashBug or Poodle - in recent years there have been various security gaps affecting many different backend systems at the same time.

The Airlock Security Team actively monitors current developments and hotfixes are available in the shortest possible time. Within 24 hours, the Airlock team delivers a solution for Heartbleed, Bashbug and Poodle that could render these attacks harmless for all services at the same time. For companies, this means that with Airlock they are already well-prepared for the next security disaster. Airlock quickly gets services out of the line of fire and gives internal teams time to clean up.

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