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Tried-and-trusted security in the data cloud

Cloud deployments are becoming ever more popular – not least because of their simplicity, speed, and seemingly lower costs. Even with business-critical applications, many companies are considering the cloud as an operational choice. On the other hand, opponents of cloud-based solutions often complain about patchy security and data protection concerns.

The secure access hub can also provide a secure foundation in the cloud. Airlock is designed for use in the cloud and automatically adapts to dynamic environments using DHCP and Cloud-init. Instances can be booted up quickly and simply from official Airlock cloud images, with absolutely no interactive installation required. Furthermore, clusters can be generated from active Airlock nodes by centralising session synchronisation. This allows for effortless scalability.

Airlock can be operated in the Azure Cloud as well. In the Azure Cloud the operation is also carried out in the BYOL model (Bring your own Licence).

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Airlock can be quickly and easily deployed in the Google Cloud. Existing Airlock licenses can be used for operation in the Google Cloud. The operation follows the BYOL model (Bring your own Licence).


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In order to stay technically viable in digital transformation, companies must increasingly switch to hybrid cloud environments so that their data, applications and services are available from anywhere in the world and around the clock. This in turn requires new security approaches as the data and applications become more exposed and thus offer more attack surface.

Read our whitepaper in cooperation with Deloitte and our partners eperi and SHE.


Cloud versus on-premise deployment

On-premise, in the cloud, private, public or even hybrid? There are plenty of deployment options to choose from and making a decision is not always easy. Whatever you go for, do not compromise on security – choose Airlock. The Airlock licensing model ensures that a migration to the cloud will not entail additional costs.

Comparison of the advantages of cloud and on-premises software:

Advantages in the Cloud

  • Lower servicing and implementation costs
  • Risk of service interruption due to physical malfunction covered by platform
  • Responsibility for infrastructure updates and patches delegated
  • Low initial investment costs
  • Standardised solutions work well if no custom requirements are set

Advantages on-premise

  • No hidden costs
  • Data retained by you (confidential data, GDPR)
  • Independence from dominant cloud providers
  • Potentially greater security. Cloud providers are increasingly becoming targets for hacking attacks.
  • Direct control of reliability of critical services
  • Generally, more flexible with regards to custom requirements and complex environments


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Digitalisation is presenting businesses with new challenges which go far beyond information technology. This primarily relates to an aspect which is becoming increasingly important: IT security.

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Accelerate digitisation

To stay technically viable in this digital transformation, you must increasingly switch to hybrid cloud environments. This requires new security approaches as well as coordinated identity and access management.

Find out more in our whitepaper in collaboration with Deloitte, eperi and SHE.

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OWASP Top 10 for API Security

OWASP has created a new Top10 list for API Security. The top 10 listed reflect a broad consensus on what the most important API security issues are at the moment.

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