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Insurance is a risk-management business, based on trust. That's why insurance data must be protected, anytime, anywhere. But security alone is not enough. Successful insurance companies are pushing digitisation cost-effectively and their digital customer experience is user-friendly, flexible and compelling. This is exactly what Airlock supports, out-of-the-box, as confirmed by its profitable use at over 20 insurance companies.

Airlock: security for insurers

Airlock is an intelligent security solution for insurance companies, suitable for organisations of all sizes. Airlock guarantees secure data traffic on the B2B platform BrokerGate®, with thousands of brokers involved, 13 well-known insurance companies and all this with a single user login. 



Security for sensitive data

Optimal customer experience along the customer journey

With Airlock, all insurance customers benefit from an optimal user experience - across all digital services and on all devices. The initial contact for new customers is inviting and convenient, thanks to technologies such as social logins or the support of identity provider services like SwissID, E-Identity or Buergerkarte. This increases the number of new customers, whilst existing customers have easy and secure access to all vertical applications. User self-services and high availability also ensure that the offerings are available around the clock.

User experience

Implement digitisation more simply and efficiently

With the Airlock Secure Access Hub, insurance companies reduce the time-to-market for their innovations. With flexible security layers, Airlock creates the simple basis for complex digitisation projects - with optimum cost efficiency and short implementation times. Their services can also be easily integrated into partner platforms via the built-in Federation Standards, or vice versa. Insurance companies, therefore, position themselves as added value to partner offers.

Cost efficiency

Survival in an accelerating world

Scale, automate, customer-focus: today, digitisation is the most important driver of innovation, especially in the insurance industry. Security is an essential topic but not the only one and this is precisely where Airlock's great advantage lies.

While Airlock comprehensively protects the web applications and APIs, insurance companies focus on the digital innovation of their core business. The Secure Access Hub is the coherent overall solution for all web security issues – from access management and protection of interfaces and applications to blocking external attacks. Airlock also handles the administration of user consents, compliance with and enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or authentication of all access via Single Sign-on (SSO). For insurance companies this means, with Airlock, they streamline the backlogs of development teams and achieve a significantly faster time-to-market.

Time to market

With our digital insurance sales platform AnivoCore we offer our customers a unique consulting experience, whether with our partners or at home with end customers via web interface. Since the data entrusted to us can be accessed via API or web interface using single sign-on, particularly reliable protective measures are necessary. The balancing act between high security and great user-friendliness is perfectly solved thanks to Airlock.

Simon Masal, Head of Infrastrucutre & Backend Services, Anivo IT Services GmbH

References for insurance

Logo Generali insurance

Generali Insurance Security solution for broker systems

Generali Insurance was looking for a new security solution for its broker systems that would give external sales partners easy and secure access to internal applications. At the same time they wanted it to be less complex and to have the broker portals and authentication solutions disentangled. Airlock Suite presented a comprehensive yet at the same time flexible solution for these requirements.  


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Visana A strong partnership delivers maximum security

Visana is one of Switzerland's leading health and accident insurers. The company offers its customers a range of products, including convenient online services with the emphasis being on security.  

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IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers Destined for success together

The IG B2B association has launched a new era for data transfer between brokers and insurers in Switzerland with its central BrokerGate® platform which makes electronic trading easier. Its software partner, Ergon, ensures maximum security with its Airlock WAF web application firewall in combination with the Airlock IAM authentication server.

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