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User self-services

Win-win for users and companies

Account unlock, password reset or account registration: According to a study by the Service Desk Institute , more than 80 per cent of companies already use user self-services The advantage for customers: they can handle certain actions themselves around the clock. The advantage for companies: they relieve their support staff, reduce costs and shorten user waiting times.

User self-service in Airlock

Many self-service functions are directly integrated into the Secure Access Hub and can be rolled out quickly, thanks to its simple configuration.

The following tasks are solved by self-services: 

  • Self-registration for customers (account creation)
  • Registration of authentication means, such as a token
  • Confirmation of general terms and conditions or a service agreement
  • Consents including consent management (DSGVO/GDPR)
  • Password resets and management of authentication means (token migration, social login, mTAN, OTP, etc.)
  • Profile management including postal address, email and mobile phone number
  • Automatic generation of letters for registration and migration workflows

Zuvor war insbesondere der Support ein wichtiger Kostenfaktor: Einen Passwort-Reset konnten die Nutzer beispielsweise nicht selber durchführen. Mit der neuen Lösung kann jeder User sein Passwort selber zurücksetzen, ohne dafür den Helpdesk zu kontaktieren. Der Aufwand, den man dabei spart, und die höhere Akzeptanz bei den Nutzern sind nicht zu unterschätzen.

Ivan Hafner, IT-Sicherheitsverantwortlicher Generali Versicherung

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A win-win situation

The goal of self-services is not only to relieve the helpdesk and, therefore, save considerable costs, but also to increase usability for users. They appreciate the option to take things into their own hands without having to queue and wait for tickets to be processed. Increased customer satisfaction and saved helpdesk costs: a real win-win situation!


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