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High-cost efficiency

Maximum security at low cost

Digital self-service features are appealing to both customers and businesses. But while appeal to customers means simplicity and speed, appeal to organisations means the highest level of security and convincing cost efficiency.

Highlights cost efficiency

  • Upstream Secure Access Hub for faster and more cost-effective application development
  • Combination of WAF, cIAM and API security
  • Centralisation and consolidation of all security measures
  • Simple and speedy token migration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • User self-service functions
  • Load balancing
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) integration
  • Fraud detection/prevention
  • Simple integration of existing directories or legacy systems

Efficient systems for reduced costs

Cost efficiency is achieved with efficient systems and intelligent solutions. The more intelligent and efficient the self-service functions are, account registration, master data management, password management, the lower the operating costs. This is precisely one of the strengths of the Airlock Secure Access Hub

If helpdesk costs are not to rise in lockstep with an expanding customer base, it is important to keep a close eye on operating costs at the consumer end. According to IT consultants, Gartner users forget their passwords on average 1.8 times a year and the average cost of a support call is USD 50.

Even if costs are halved, the costs for 100,000 customers are going to run to USD 4.5 million per annum. This is where a shift from a call centre to a digital self-service model offers big opportunities – especially if your chosen software solution combines high data security with efficient processes.

With the Airlock Secure Access Hub, we were able to adapt to the market standard, massively, reduce our ongoing costs and increase user acceptance. Despite the tight schedule, we achieved all our goals. It was a pleasure working together.

Ivan Hafner, Head of IT Security at Generali Versicherungen

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Reducing development costs

Develop new products flexibly and yet still stand out from the crowd with high security standards. This is what sets Airlock apart. The reason for this? The Secure Access Hub is based on standardised security services, such as central access management or protection against the OWASP Top 10, from which new applications can also benefit without any problems. This allows valuable development hours to be used to develop innovative functions and the decoupling of authentication and business logic ensures maximum flexibility. If authentication processes are regulated as standard and absolutely reliably then nothing stands in the way of fast time-to-market cycles, at least in terms of security. 



Meeting all compliance requirements

Compliance requirements have to be met but adapting existing software solutions to new standards is a real cost driver. This is why the Airlock Secure Access Hub implements all relevant compliance requirements; simple, consistent and always up to date. During implementation, declarations of consent, such as those required by GDPR, are obtained centrally and in advance. And even industry-specific regulations, such as PSD2 for the financial industry, can be effortlessly implemented with Airlock so that corresponding audits can be carried out efficiently, with comprehensive reporting and across all applications. 



The OWASP Top 10 API Security threats

APIs are likely to develop, over the coming years, into the main attack surface for web applications. OWASP is responding to this with a new and specialised top ten list for API security. Read the specialist article published in Heise Magazine to find out more about the new OWASP Top 10 list, the background and responsibilities.

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Consolidation of security measures

Innovative services, platforms and business models: digital transformation creates new opportunities for companies. But if you want to take advantage of opportunities, you also have to keep risks under control and Airlock's Secure Access Hub makes this possible thanks to a coherent security architecture. With a single software solution, different security measures can be managed in a consolidated manner. Actions such as authentication, access management and protection against attacks can, therefore, be resolved and monitored from a single, central location. This consolidation simplifies the infrastructure, reduces costs and improves data quality and helpdesk efficiency.

Use digital opportunities.
We mitigate the risks.

The Airlock Secure Access Hub is a central hub for secure access management in a digitised world.

Secure Access Hub

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