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High availability

Always on: stable systems and maximum availability

Digital services must be available for customers, partners and employees at all times and with high performance, especially during external attacks and possible outages. The Airlock Secure Access Hub forms the stable basis that guarantees high availability.

Highlights high availability

  • Failover cluster
  • Load balancing
  • Zero-downtime operation
  • DoS protection
  • Attack blocking (filtering)
  • Access authentication and authorisation
  • Virtual patching

Availability and performance

Airlock ensures proactive load balancing of the services it protects. In other words, should a system become unavailable, a failover to a healthy system is immediately triggered and an optimum user experience is upheld, even if maintenance work is being carried out at the same time. After all, nothing frustrates users more than services simply being ‘down’.

The Secure Access Hub itself is robustly protected against failures and supports active/passive as well as active/active cluster operation. This guarantees zero-downtime operation and also ensures that new versions and updated configurations can be deployed while the system is running.

Our goal was to implement a centralized and open platform that supports agile and secure app-based transactions and ensures maximum security and stability in the backend. We didn't want to compromise. The solution had to be immediately deployable, with minimal customization, and feature state-of-the-art technologies.

Thomas Balmer CTO Pintail

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No downtime caused by attacks

Attacks such as denial of service attacks (DoS), scanning, brute forcing or the exploitation of security vulnerabilities can severely impair the availability of a service or even lead to total system failure. The Secure Access Hub therefore provides comprehensive protection for web applications and APIs against attacks. Services are also protected against unauthorized access.

Airlock Security experts proactively monitor developments in the hacker scene and will provide solutions immediately in the event of an emergency so that applications do not have to be removed from the network at the next ‘heartbleed’.

Use digital opportunities.
We mitigate the risks.

The Airlock Secure Access Hub is a central hub for secure access management in a digitised world.

Secure Access Hub

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