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Protecting Microsoft and other standard applications

Securing the future of work

From Microsoft Exchange Server and the SharePoint family, to the ActiveSync protocol, employees on the road, distributed teams and Internet-based collaboration are becoming increasingly important. However, the groupware and collaborative environments required for this can only be used productively if they are effectively supported by IT and integrated into the company’s own digital infrastructure.

As a consequence, interfaces are needed to guarantee easy access, high security and flexibility combined with low operating costs. In short, what is needed is Airlock Secure Access Hub.

A particular challenge is the mobile synchronisation of e-mails, appointments, contacts and tasks between Microsoft Exchange Server and mobile clients. Exchange and SharePoint store large volumes of business-critical date and unprotected access to these resources cannot be provided via the Internet. The risk of direct connections from the Internet to these servers is too great.

Airlock connects Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and other servers securely to the Internet. Applications can also be integrated into the Airlock SSO using Microsoft technologies such as Kerberos or NTLM. Increased security with strong, upstream authentication and protocol filtering go hand-in-hand with a comfortable user experience and optimal support of mobile processes. The Secure Access Hub combines the best of both worlds – flexible, efficient and reliable.

Microsoft application protection highlights

  • Secure access to Microsoft Exchange
    • Outlook Web Access
    • Outlook Anywhere
    • Sharepoint
    • ActiveSync
  • Secure access for WebDAV
  • SSO using Microsoft technologies (e.g. Kerberos, NTLM)
  • Integration of Office 365 into SSO architecture

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