Grafik Airlock WAF

Airlock WAF

The Web Application Firewall for the highest demands on IT security

Airlock Web Application Firewall

Within the secure access hub, Airlock WAF acts as a central reverse proxy for all HTTPS connections and protects against web attacks.

Airlock WAF works in conjunction with Airlock IAM to ensure secure session management while serving as a policy enforcement point for authentication and authorisation decisions.

A web portal is a very exposed thing and must be specially secured in every case. It was therefore clear to us that we wanted to protect the web applications from unauthorized access in the best possible way with upstream security functions in a web application firewall (WAF).

Martin Burri, IT Security Officer Visana


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Airlock WAF

  • Filtering (Attack blocking)
  • Fraud detection
  • Threat Intelligence (launch offer)
  • Rapid deployment – DevSecOps
  • Reporting & monitoring
  • SIEM integration
  • Virtual patching
  • Load balancing
  • Learning Mode for easier administration
  • MS applications

Airlock WAF 7.2

Airlock WAF 7.2 integrates Webroot's BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Service to identify malicious clients in real time and block them before they do harm.

Airlock WAF 7.2 was released on the 21st of May 2019.

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Filtering of application-based attacks

Airlock WAF analyses traffic moving between users and services. Attempted attacks on applications are blocked before they can reach the in-house systems. 

Airlock WAF provides comprehensive protection against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and enables centralised management of security policies. Thanks to these innovative security functions, you can always stay ahead of attackers.

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Policy enforcement point

Working in conjunction with Airlock IAM, Airlock WAF serves as a policy enforcement point for security guidelines, allowing only filtered, authenticated and authorised access.

This combination of access management and content filtering guarantees security, with no compromises.

Security dashboards

Thanks to built-in dynamic reporting, decision makers have an overview of attempted attacks at all times. Operational problems such as performance bottlenecks or back-end problems are also displayed. Interactive drill-down from the dashboards, along with the display of the log lines causing the issue, facilitate the in-depth analysis of every attempted attack.

Learn more about reporting and SIEM integration

Reverse proxy functionality and high availability

Airlock WAF is a reverse proxy that makes it possible to virtualise in-house services and applications for external access. The integrated load balancer also ensures the high availability of applications and services. Even complex issues such as the configuration of TLS security and certificate management can be dealt with upstream on the central proxy.

Thanks to integrated Let’s Encrypt support, certificate renewals can even be completely automated.

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Central hub

Airlock WAF provides a host of interfaces with peripheral systems such as SIEM systems, virus scanners, fraud-prevention systems and HSMs. Thanks to its integrated threat intelligence feed, Airlock WAF reacts immediately to real-time threat situations on the Internet, protecting systems from new and potentially harmful hazards. Additional components can be integrated via the high-availability capable ICAP interface.


With its comprehensive REST API, Airlock WAF is easy to integrate into modern DevOps pipelines and can be supplied as hardware, virtual appliance or cloud image.

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Virtual appliance

Hardware appliance

Airlock cloud image

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