What started off as a quick revision of our existing structures had soon morphed into a complete overhaul of our Academy program. After discussing possible areas of improvement within our Academy trainings, we came to the conclusion that multiple areas hadn't been covered adequately. To remedy said issue, we kept on polishing and polishing and are now thrilled to share the result with you: airlock.academy!

The first Guru Training will explain OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

This Guru course, will give you the chance to gain a deeper understanding of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Both protocols will be compared and we will have a look at the different flows used within them. Additionally we will have a look at "Dynamic client registration" and "Account linking".
That course will help you distinguish, in what use case to use which of those protocols and how to integrate them with Airlock IAM.

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The new look:

The Airlock trainings are now set up in incremental steps. First you start off with the "Allrounder" level before moving on to the "Connaisseur" stage. Once those two are completed, you are able to enroll for the "Guru" certification.

Attending the one-day Secure Access Hub training or the "Allrounder" level will be the first step of your training. This course serves as an introduction to all the components within our product as well as an overview on how these components interact with one another. Furthermore, you will also learn which products to use for which use case. To facilitate this enrollment the Connaisseur courses are always planned with an Allrounder course right before.

For everyone who works more closely with our products or is further interested in deepening their knowledge on WAF and IAM, the Connaisseur trainings serve as two-day courses specific to a certain component. This training helps you to learn how to configure and set up your system properly. To enroll in these courses however, you must first have successfully completed the allrounder course. To facilitate this enrollment the Connaisseur courses are always planned with an Allrounder course right before and the registration for both courses is done together. The Connaisseur certification is needed in order to be able to open a support ticket on the Airlock Techzone.

To supplement these two trainings we have decided to host one-day Guru courses, which will feature specific topics. These trainings allow for a deep-dive into the topics you are most interested in.

Keeping up-to-date is key in a constantly changing environment. To support you in this endeavour we are offering one-day Update trainings. These component specific-trainings will present you with the newest features of our products and serve to renew your certifications.

And last but not least, we are thrilled to announce one more big change: our lab environment airlock.academy is now reachable via remote access. This will not only allow you to complete your exercises remotely but also enable you to attend courses even when you're unable to be on-site.

Why we did it

We wanted to meet the following criterias:

 A shorter introduction course

Up until today there was no option for our attendees to participate in a shortened training which allowed them to gain an overview of the most significant aspects of our products. The main issue was the length of our previous trainings as most of them lasted three days. The new one-day allrounder training not only solves that issue but also serves to show how the components of the Airlock Secure Access Hub act and interact with each other.

Reducing redundancies

As there was no obvious first step in our training program up until now, it was possible for our attendees to start with either of the two Engineer courses (WAF or IAM). This lead to an overlap of topics which resulted in certain aspects being covered twice. By moving these topics into the one-day allrounder training and shortening the component specific IAM and WAF courses (Connaisseur) to two-day trainings, we're able to remove said redundancy as well as allow for the overall duration of our trainings to be shortened. Previously it took attendees 6 days to complete both component specific courses, whereas now it will only take them 5 days to complete all Connaisseur trianings.

Expert training for IAM

Oftentimes we were faced with the challenge of selecting topics for our expert courses and while we managed to do so for our WAF expert trainings, it proved near impossible to overcome this obstacle when it came to IAM. This was mostly due to the differing subjects our attendees were interested in, which in turn might have been due to the increased complexity of IAM when compared to WAF. This is why we eventually decided to shorten the Guru courses to one day trainings. Instead of trying to find enough subject matter to fill up three days we are now able to offer more flexibility. The new Guru courses allow participants to pick which topics they are interested in and only attend those courses. Guru trainings might hence range from covering one component to topics that pertain to multiple components.

Remote trainings

The new airlock.academy environment allows participants to attend trainings remotely and still be able to participate the hands-on labs. This in turn enables greater flexibility for both the attendees and the trainers.

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What benefits are there to a certification?

Besides the added knowledge of our products? A Connaisseur certification enables you to use our ticketing system to its full extent, given that your company has direct support. Should the need occur you are hence able to contact our engineers directly.

I am already certified. Do I need to do anything?

Fret not, you don't have to do anything. An Engineer certification will be considered as an equivalent of a Connaisseru certification. The same applies for Expert certifications, which will now be treated as Guru certifications.

If you'd like to keep up-to-date you can of course always attend one of our update trainings to ensure that your certification doesn't expire. Or you could also attend a Guru course of a topic you're particularly interested in.

I was certified, but not anymore. What should I do?

Please contact us: academy@airlock.com

So it's possible to only attend the Allrounder course?

Yes, we're happy to welcome you to our one-day course.

Does this mean that I'm able to skip the Allrounder Course on my second Connaisseur training?

Yes, exactly. You're allowed to particpate for a second time if you wish to do so, but it's not mandatory. Simply tell us upon registering whether you'd like to skip it or not.

Airlock academy

Why are Allrounder courses per default included in the Connaisseur registration?

Our personal experience has shown that most attendees only register for one of the two Connaisseur courses. Including the Allrounder course in the registration therefore allows for an easier application process since this training is a mandatory prerequisite of the Connaisseur course. Those attending the second Connaisseur course can easily select to opt-out of the second allrounder training.

Do I really need to attend the Allrounder course?

If you're not certified, then yes. This training isn't just a marketing tool with no hint of actually covering any subject matter. The goal of the course is to show you the building blocks of our Secure Access Hub, to demonstrate how the components interact and work with each other and to teach you how the handling is done and what kind of impact specific roles have.

To the Allrounder course

I am attending one of the following courses, what do I have to do?

Airlock WAF Engineer: 28th of April - 30th of April 2020 or 18th of May - 20th of May 2020
Airlock IAM Engineer: 05th of May - 07th of May 2020 or 09th of June - 11th of June 2020
If you are registered to one of the above courses then you don't have to do anything. These trainings will automatically be transformed into the new course-format. The first training day will consist of the Allrounder course, whereas the two following days will entail the Connaisseur course of your chosen component.

I am registered for both Engineer courses, what do I have to do?

You can opt to skip the second Allrounder course if you'd like. Just let us know via academy@airlock.com that you'd like to skip it and we'll adjust the course costs accordingly. 

Anything else?

As previously mentioned, we took this opportunity to also adjust and change our lab environment. This change not only enables you to access the environment remotely, but we've also exchanged the included backends. This means, that we were able to set up a completely new scenario. In this new lab you will be handling the technical issues and needs of the company Virtinc, a company which is trying to offer its services to employees, customers and partners alike. Virtinc will serve as the core example during all the lab exercises which will allow the attendees to follow and understand the context of the exercises more easily. Furthermore we've also decided to include Virtinc into our documentation, allowing readers to more easily grasp the examples in our manuals.

Still got questions for us? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email: academy@airlock.com


We're looking forward to experiencing the new airlock.academy format with you!


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