Airlock 2FA

Airlock 2FA

Strong authentication – Simply secure.

Airlock 2-Factor-Authentication

Every customer must be certain that no one else can use their purchased products or subscribed services without their knowledge or consent. With strong authentication from Airlock 2FA exactly this assurance is granted.

Comprehensive protection prevents password theft, phishing and social engineering attacks without sacrificing the convenience of a well-designed user experience. Thanks to risk-based authentication, customers are only authenticated when the chosen function requires it. Customers authenticate in order to use their rights and to express their will.

The technical possibilities to perform a 2-way authentication are versatile and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find an overview of the methods currently in use, evaluated according to security, user-experience, management and costs.

Authentication methods

The best choice for your business

You want to set up 2-factor authentication for specific services in your organization, but you don't know which method fits your needs. Or are you already using 2FA but not satisfied with the implementation? Then take a moment to fill out our 2FA questionnaire and you'll receive advice and recommendations that match your information.

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Airlock 2FA is an authentication solution that leaves nothing to be desired for providers and users. For users, Airlock 2FA offers convenience around the clock with various authentication options, useful self services and self-registration. 

Airlock 2FA is a cloud solution and can be quickly and easily integrated with any application. It offers easy-to-personalize mobile apps*), pre-built processes for onboarding/enrollment, simple administration, statistics/reports and requires little support effort.

*) Download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Yes, I do

Airlock 2FA is not only an authentication means but also integrates secure transaction authorisation. Customers therefore know exactly what they are to confirm and this decision is made and recorded in a transparent and verifiable manner.

In every situation

Strong authentication that works anytime and anywhere, no matter where the users are.

Airlock 2FA One-Touch - push message on the smartphone, confirm with a gesture and go.

Smartphone without data connection
Airlock 2FA Offline QR Code - scan image, type the code, done

Login Offline
Airlock 2FA passcode - enter the security code (changes every 30 seconds) to complete the login

No smartphone
Airlock 2FA hardware token - secure authentication with offline QR code

Airlock 2FA

  • Authentication and transaction approval
  • Appropriate authentication means for every use case: 
    • One-Touch
    • Offline QR-Code
    • Passcode
    • Hardware Token Option
  • Optimized User Experience
    • Self-migration by the user
    • Self-managemetn by the user
  • Minimum time to market
    • Ready-to-use mobile App for iOS and Android
    • No intergration effort
  • Simple adaption to business requirements
    • Whitelabeling of mobile Apps und login portals
    • SDK for deep integration
    • REST APIs for authentication and management
  • Operation
    • Helpdesk and admin-tool
    • REST API
    • Reporting and user-trail logs

Security without barriers

The most important thing about security? It must be comfortable and yet always work. Decades of experience in designing and implementing secure and convenient authentication solutions have gone into Airlock 2FA. Passwordless and One-Touch authentication in Airlock 2FA provides maximum convenience and security.

Airlock 2FA offers all modern authentication methods*) and works regardless of whether the mobile phone is currently connected to the Internet or not.

Airlock 2FA takes it a step further with extensive self-service functions. In addition to the simple password reset, customers can manage their authentication tokens or register mobile phones. This works at any time, quickly and comfortably and also helps to avoid helpdesk costs.

For customers who do not own a smartphone or do not want to use a mobile app, a hardware token is available. This can be used just as easily and conveniently for authentication. 

*) The customer can use Touch ID, Face ID, a button press, a wipe gesture or a mouse click.

Time-to-market – now

The introduction of a new authentication means is considered to be complex and expensive, both for the business side and for setup and operation. Airlock 2FA is ready to prove otherwise.

The business often has very clear ideas about the behaviour of the authentication solution towards the customer. This is understandable, as authentication is often the first time the customer is contacted. Airlock 2FA offers several options to design user interactions according to the requirements of the business. This can be achieved especially easily and efficiently via configuration. For special requirements or very deep integration into business functions Airlock 2FA offers an SDK. 

Airlock 2FA does not require any technical integration effort, because the solution is ready for immediate use out-of-the-box. Where Airlock IAM is already in use, only a license and a few minutes of configuration are required for setup and operation. Thanks to the many standard interfaces and integration options, Airlock 2FA and the associated management solution Airlock IAM can also be set up quickly in other areas  and bring additional benefits.

Whitepaper Airlock 2FA

The two-factor authentication (2FA, MFA or SCA for short) in the area of IT security offers double the security. In combination with efficient customer identity & access management (cIAM), numerous processes are significantly simplified.

Find out more about strong authentication and the possibilities that Airlock offers in our whitepaper.

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More than the sum of its parts

Airlock 2FA is the ideal complement to the Airlock Secure Access Hub.

Airlock 2FA benefits from the rich feature set provided by Airlock IAM. The change from existing authentication means to Airlock 2FA can be easily automated with a token migration. Airlock 2FA offers an ideal and quickly implementable replacement for the SMS-based mTAN solutions that have come under pressure in the security industry.

All already integrated applications continue to function without any adjustments, because SSO functions, identity propagation or OAuth/OIDC configurations can be used unchanged.

Airlock WAF and Airlock API complete the Airlock Secure Access Hub and guarantee the security of web portals and REST interfaces, so that the strong authentication of Airlock 2FA cannot be circumvented.



  • One-Touch
  • Smart-Phone-exchange with context information
  • passwordless authentication
  • Autosensing of second factor
  • Transaction approval or signing

Benefits with 2FA integrated in cIAM

  • Authentication: Interaction of Auth-Flows (e.g. combination of password, reset, etc.)
  • Token registration / migration can be combined with other tokens (e.g. automatic change from SMS to 2FA)
  • Risk-based authentication (2FA only depending on risk assessment)
  • Use with MSAD / LDAP / own user stores
  • SSO, ID propagation, OAuth, etc.
  • Seamless integration into SAH (Filtering, API GW, Access Control, ...)
  • Only 1 provider


  • Out-of-the-box deployable (no technical integration necessary) - ready to use
  • No server component required for 2FA
  • Customizable as required (configuration or SDK)
  • For IAM customers: "2FA in a few minutes"
  • For new customers: 2FA with little effort thanks to ready-to-use app, cloud service, everything from one source
  • No problems with App

Further functions


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Airlock 2FA - Strong Authentication. Easy.

The two-factor authentication in the area of IT security offers double the security.

Find out more about strong authentication and the possibilities that Airlock offers in our whitepaper.

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