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Due to the ongoing circumstances concerning COVID-19 all trainings going forward will be held remotely. Participants will be able to join via web. We will be reevaluating the situaion on a continuous basis and announce adjustements accordingly. 

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The Airlock certiciation trainings are set up in incremental steps. First you start off with the "Allrounder" level before moving on to the "Connaisseur" stage. Once those two are completed, you are able to enroll for the "Guru" certification.
Additionally there are courses which are not part of the certification. Those courses can be booked independently.

The Allrounder level includes a one-day course on the Secure Access Hub or Microgateway. Among other things, you will learn in the Secure Access Hub Training how the products interact with each other and which use cases can be implemented with which product. 

For customers and partners who want to get to grips with the products more intensively, there are two-day courses at Connaisseur level. Here you learn how to configure and operate the products in detail. The Connaisseur courses are based on the Secure Access Hub Allrounder course, attendance of which is a prerequisite.

Allrounder and Connaisseur courses are organized in such a way that you can book and attend the Connaisseur course together with the Secure Access Hub Allrounder course at a reduced price.

After that, there are one-day Guru courses, which deal with individual topics and subject areas in more depth. This way you can deal specifically with that specific topic so that you get to know all the nooks and crannies.

To stay up to date after the courses, we offer additional update trainings. These help already certified users to get to know the latest features and to renew their certification.

Airlock Trainings

Airlock Allrounder

You can choose between 2 topics: SAH or Microgateway.

Airlock SAH

This training is the entry to the Airlock trainings and gives you an overview of the components and concepts of Secure Access Hub. You will learn how they interact and how you can implement your use cases with Secure Access Hub.

Airlock Microgateway
This course gives you the opportunity to build and deepen knowledge about the use of Airlock Microgateway.
You will learn how to protect applications in Kubernetes containers against attacks using Airlock Microgateway.
Setting up and operating the Airlock Microgateway will be demonstrated through exercises. These will be carried out in a Kubernetes environment.

Please note that no Kubernetes knowledge is taught in this course. Kubernetes knowledge at CKA / CKAD level is assumed.

8 dates available

Secure course place

Airlock Gateway Connaisseur

This training is based on the Allrounder training and will provide you with an overview of Airlock Gateway. You will see how the security concepts work and how it is setup. You will learn how to configure and operate it.

8 dates available

Secure course place

Airlock IAM Connaisseur

This training is based on the Allrounder training and will provide you with an overview of Secure Access Hub's IAM. You will see how the security concepts work and how it is setup. You will learn how to configure and operate it.

6 dates available

Secure course place

Airlock Guru

The Guru course will give you the opportunity to dive into specific themes of the Secure Access Hub.

OAuth and OpenID Connect:
This Guru course gives you the opportunity to spend a day in-depth on the topics of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.
In addition to a comparison of the two protocols, various flows will be discussed. The topics "Dynamic client registration" and "Account linking" will also be discussed in depth.
The course should help you to distinguish which protocol is more suitable for which application and how the integration with Airlock IAM takes place.

Prerequisite: IAM Connaisseur certification

Loginapp API, UI and SDK:
This Guru course provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the Airlock Loginapp REST API and Loginapp REST UI. You will learn how to configure authentication, self-registration and self-service flows. In addition, you will learn how to create the UI for it and how to customise its look & feel.
The exercises are based on a use-case with which the site of the "company" Virtinc is protected.

Prerequisite: IAM Connaisseur certification.

8 dates available

Secure course place

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