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Airlock Microgateway

Key component for Zero Trust

Airlock Microgateway is a lightweight security gateway designed specifically for use in container environments. It helps DevOps engineers and application teams protect their services from unauthorized or malicious access with little effort. This increases agility and ensures high security in the right place and from the very beginning.

Airlock Microgateway is also available as Community Edition. Try it out right away.

Microgateway Factsheet

Getting Started

Airlock Microgateway can be obtained from our Dockerhub Repositories. The deployment is done with Kubernetes, optionally a Helm Chart is also available.

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Deployment with Helm: values.yaml

   - mappings:
     - session_handling: enforce_session
       - level: strict
 enabled: true
 enabled: true
 annotations: / nginx

Deployment with Helm

# fetch helm chart
helm repo add airlock
helm repo update
# edit helm values (see example)
vi values.yaml
# deploy/upgrade
helm upgrade -i microgateway-echo airlock/microgateway -f values.yaml
# verify deployment
kubectl get pods
# replace $(ingress_ip) with the IP address of the Ingress of the kubernetes cluster
curl -v -k http://$(ingress_ip)/ -H "Host:"


A comprehensive example based on Minikube shows the interaction of the Microgateway with an application, Airlock IAM, logging, monitoring and reporting: 

Minikube Example


Official documentation:

Start with these pages:


  • Check the documentation and examples listed above.
  • Make sure you use the latest Microgateway release before reporting any bugs.
  • For the community edition (without license), check the community forum  for FAQs or register to post your question.
  • As a customer using the premium edition with a paid license, please follow the premium support process.

Airlock Community Forum


Further information

Comparison of the Community and Premium Editions

What's the difference?

Airlock Microgateway is ready for operation without a license key. Premium features are unlocked by importing a license key.






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Lightweight and scaleable Container, GitOps-friendly configuration, Security as Code, Management via Kubernetes, Deployment with Helm Charts

Monitoring and Reporting

Structured Logs, Prometheus Interface

Standard Application protection

DoS and Bot protection, TLS Termination, SQLi or XSS attack prevention, Cookie Protection, Sanity Checks

Access Control with Airlock IAM

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Federated Identities & much more

Advanced Application Protection

OpenAPI Schema Enforcement, Additional Deny- and Allow-Rules, CSRF Tokens, HTTP Parameter Pollution, Multipart Parser, URL Encryption, Strict UTF8 Encoding Enforcement

Log only

Integrated Access Control

Verify JWT tokens, access decisions based on token details

Log only

Community Support 

Premium Support

*Check the documentation for a more detailed feature comparison.

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How it works

In this recorded webinar from our partner VSHN you can learn how Airlock Microgateway could work for you.

Airlock Microgateway in action

As a start-up in the tech sector, we sought an innovation partner that offered both high speed and extensive expertise. These are precisely the characteristics that distinguish Airlock, and during collaboration you clearly feel that you’re dealing with engineers and not just sellers. The benefit for us is that we get exactly the future-proof solutions we need – a major plus especially in times of digital transformation.

Sandro Toneatto, CTO, dacadoo AG

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We see the main advantages of using Airlock in increased customisation possibilities because of the Airlock Microgateway, which optimizes the protection of Kubernetes applications.

Andrin Farner, Consultant, Inacta AG

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Our customers manage hundreds of pieces of corporate data and communicate with thousands of contacts every day – and they do so with completely different IT systems. That’s why we chose an agile IT infrastructure, running microservices as containers in an OpenShift platform.

Rui Santos, Solution Architect, AssetMetrix

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Toward DevSecOps

In a DevSecOps culture, every agile team has a security expert. He fulfills non-functional requirements, so the product owner includes security in the development plan.

Read this whitepaper to learn key insights on how to successfully and efficiently implement DevSecOps, what security components are needed to make it happen, and the benefits of a microgateway architecture.

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Convincing performance: Gold for the Airlock Microgateway

Not only our customers, but also the independent information security community is convinced. The Airlock Microgateway was awarded Gold at the Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2022 in the Zero Trust Security category. In total, Airlock solutions have won the gold award seven times.

Information for you

-Our whitepapers-

Zero Trust is a journey

The digital transformation of the world continues to progress, and it is profoundly affecting private life and job profiles in a manner that was hard to imagine just a few years ago.

This whitepaper covers the effects of continuous digitization and its implications.

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Toward DevSecOps

In this whitepaper, you will learn the most important insights into how you can successfully and efficiently implement DevSecOps, which security components are required for this, and what benefits a microgateway architecture brings.

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Airlock 2FA - Strong Authentication. Easy.

The two-factor authentication in the area of IT security offers double the security.

Find out more about strong authentication and the possibilities that Airlock offers in our whitepaper.

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Further whitepapers

We provide whitepapers on these and other topics free of charge:

  • successful IAM projects
  • Compliance
  • Data protection (GDPR)
  • Introduction of PSD2
  • PCI DSS requirements
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