Methods of authentication

Airlock 2FA - Features and advantages

Easy Onboarding

Airlock 2FA is integrated into Airlock IAM and uses a cloud service for communicating with smartphones. This helps to keep installation and configuration costs to a minimum.

Easy Migration

A second factor needs more than just a new login page. Users have to be equipped with the app and register it individually and securely. The user can independently switch to the new second factor (self-migration) or activate it (self-enrollment).


Push notifications allow users to securely log in with one click in Airlock 2FA or release transactions such as payments.

Transaction approval

Modern banking works like this: when you make a payment online, you must confirm it via a secure and independent channel. Complying with legal requirements such as PSD2 is easy and efficient with Airlock 2FA in combination with the Secure Access Hub.


With Airlock 2FA, you can implement a passwordless login to make security even easier to use. Insecure passwords are eliminated and replaced by a simple onetouch.

Offline QR-Code

Thanks to QR Code, secure login or transaction confirmation works smoothly even when the smartphone is not connected to the internet.

Social Login

The social login makes it easier for users to register in a protected area. Using the social login, website operators can authenticate or uniquely assign a user.

The best choice for your business

You want to set up 2-factor authentication for specific services in your organization, but you don't know which method fits your needs. Or are you already using 2FA but not satisfied with the implementation? Then take a moment to fill out our 2FA questionnaire and you'll receive advice and recommendations that match your information.

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Airlock 2FA - Strong Authentication. Easy.

The two-factor authentication in the area of IT security offers double the security.

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