After substantial growth in Germany, Ergon Informatik AG establishes a branch office in Frankfurt. This is a clear commitment to the German market and remains true to its claim of customer-oriented sales.

Ergon's security solution called Airlock is one of the market leaders in German-speaking countries and already protects around 30,000 applications with more than 25 million users from attacks. In Germany in particular, demand for the software has grown significantly in recent years. Recently, for example, the federal administration decided to use Airlock as a security benchmark against cyber threats in the future.

In the wake of these positive developments, Ergon has decided to establish a branch office in Frankfurt to cater to the increasingly important German market. "We are pleased about the growth in Germany," says Ergon CEO Gabriela Keller, "and have therefore decided to strengthen sales for our security solution Airlock. This is another step towards meeting our demand for a high quality of service." Ergon is keen to serve its clientele as directly as possible. This German branch is a clear sign that the IT company is banking on a future in Germany with Airlock.


Framework agreement with Federal Ministry

A current success is the close cooperation with our partners Thinking Objects GmbH and SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH. Roman Hugelshofer, Managing Director Security Solutions at Ergon, says: "The jointly signed framework agreement with the procurement office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior has once again confirmed to us what was already apparent beforehand. Namely, that the German market is becoming strategically more important for Airlock and has great potential. The foundation of the German branch office serves to distribute our security products and to provide advice on all aspects of the Airlock - Secure Access Hub®. This underlines our commitment to the German market. Ergon wants to continue to grow in Germany and create local jobs. In addition, Ergon wants to continue to focus on the distribution of Airlock and related consulting services.

Total package for cybersecurity

Airlock is an innovation from Ergon and has been used by various companies and authorities for many years. The Airlock - Secure Access Hub® shines with customer-centric operation and provides the basis for implementing complex digitisation projects reliably, quickly and securely. The Secure Access Hub can be integrated into any IT environment and is an internationally established standard for banks, insurance companies and public authorities. The software integrates the most important protective functions against attacks from the network in a user-friendly overall package. The Airlock - Secure Access Hub® protects both applications and interfaces on the Internet and prevents unauthorised access by using state-of-the-art authentication methods.

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