Airlock, the security innovation of the Swiss company Ergon Informatik AG, was classified as a market champion in the category Access Management and Federation in the Leadership Compass by the KuppingerCole analysts. Reasons for this are the excellent security aspect and the great usability in the Airlock Secure Access Hub combination – a comprehensive security solution that combines the web application firewall (WAF), identity and access management (IAM), as well as API Gateway. What’s special about the IT security solution: The Airlock WAF serves the Airlock IAM as a policy enforcement point for issuing access rights for incoming requests. 

The report lists the following points as the Secure Access Hub’s particular strengths:


The analysts concluded that the IAM and WAF components interacted and complemented one another outstandingly in Airlock. They also emphasised that Airlock IAM supports most of the main federation standards and that the Secure Access Hub can also handle REST-APIs in order to quickly and easily integrate other solutions. The IT security solutions from Airlock can also handle most strong authentication methods and the adaptive authentication also offers most features available to this technology. Social logins are also no problem for the Secure Access Hub from Airlock and function via Oauth 2/OICD or SAML 2.0. Mobile security is also well covered.

The award is a great honour since we continuously develop the Airlock Secure Access Hub, and being ranked as the Market Champion makes us feel validated in what we do,” says Roman Hugelshofer, who is responsible for Airlock at Ergon Informatik as the Managing Director Application Security: “We are particularly pleased that our product has been re-assessed as an interesting alternative to other security solutions.” The report from KuppingerCole also highlights the leadership of Airlock in two categories within their compass: Product and Market Leadership

Quote: Martin Kuppinger from KuppingerCole.

Airlock was ultimately declared “very good” by the analysts who create the Leadership Compass, particularly in the categories of ‘Security’ and ‘Usability’.

You can find more information in the Airlock Whitepaper with the complete Leadership Compass from KuppingerCole, which you can download here: 

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