It's that time again! Airlock is an it-sa exhibitor again this year. 

We are delighted to be there once again! Here you can find out what you can expect and what special features we have come up with. 

This year we have also thought of a few things to make the trade fair exciting for you: At the it-sa congress, we will offer them everything about "Cutting Edge API Security" in 2 hours in the morning or in the afternoon in compressed lecture blocks.

For reasons of flexibility, we will hold the congress once from 10 am to 12 pm and another time from 2 pm to 4 pm. Afterwards, we will of course offer the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas and network. Your physical well-being will be taken care of.

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This is what you can expect at it-sa 2023!

The leading trade fair for IT security, it-sa, will again be held in Nuremberg this year. From October 10 - 12, it will provide a platform to discuss current trends, challenges and developments in the field of IT security. Based on our experience in recent years, we know that it is worth a visit. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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Airlock as exhibitor at it-sa 2023 - you can be excited!

Through our positive experiences in recent years, we know that it-sa is not only a highlight for the industry and for us, but also opens up new opportunities. That's why we came up with something that stands out a little from the crowd. 

We have organized a barista for our trade fair stand who invites visitors to linger, be entertained and, of course, enjoy themselves. He puts them in the right light on the milk foam with your picture.  

Live hackings of applications in the container environment are also planned at the booth. In addition, we will use our expertise to answer all your questions and show you which topics are of particular concern to us and where we see the future of IT security. 

We are just as interested in topics such as cutting edge application and API security in Kubernetes as we are in questions about our products such as the Airlock Microgateway or Airlock IAM.

Change in application security

Increasingly, classic web applications are being replaced by APIs and container technologies. The goal is to achieve open structures, decentralization and more flexibility and agility. 

A rethink has also taken place in IT infrastructure. There is an effort to improve agility, availability and dynamics in the digitization efforts of companies. A current movement from on-premise to hybrid cloud environments with modern container technologies and microservice is evident. 

DevSecOps and other new technologies and approaches are contributing significantly to changes in web application and API security. Boundaries between application security, access management, and API security continue to blur - even in Kubernetes environments. 

To pay attention to these developments at it-sa, we have come up with something special. We are hosting our own congress and will be taking a closer look at current developments and providing an outlook on what we can probably expect in the future. 

If you are interested in learning what this change means and what to look out for, visit our congress. For more information on registration and the program, click here. 

We were able to attract exciting speakers for our congress. Here you can find out who will be there.

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Our Speakers

Simon Hülsbömer, Senior Project Manager Research Study Projects in the market research of CIO, CSO and COMPUTERWOCHE will present our new study "IAM as a Service" and tell you more about "IAM as a Service". 

Our partner secunet will explain strong authentication in access management and how this can be implemented with protect4use and Airlock IAM. 

After a coffee break, Florian Hansemann will address the topic in his short presentation "Docker exposed: How hackers are attacking Kubernetes today and tomorrow" current attack techniques on Docker infrastructure. 

Marc Bütikofer will explain what countermeasures can be taken. He will show what can be done in the area of application and API security in the container environment. 

Finally, Silvan Leuenberger (SOC, Head of Service Management Center) from terreActive will explain how you can protect yourself offensively defensively with a SOC in the current threat situation. In addition, he will provide information about services that result from this. 

With these presentations you are well informed for a new chapter of application security (or to pester our speakers with questions). 

For organizational reasons, we ask you to register in time, as seats are limited.

See you at it-sa 2023

We are already making some preparations to be part of it-sa 2023 in October and to experience three successful days. 

Could we also arouse your interest? Then feel free to stop by our booth in hall 7A, booth 116. We are happy about every participant at the congress as well as a coffee at the booth with our visitors.

Book your free entrance ticket here, register for our congress or make an appointment with us right away. We look forward to seeing you!

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