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About the Airlock 2FA App

The Airlock 2FA app provides simple and secure two-factor authentication and transaction approval using your smartphone.

The app can only be used with websites that integrate with Airlock IAM as an authentication solution. The credentials from the website or an activation letter from the service provider (e.g., bank or insurance company) are required to use the app. The features available in the app may be restricted by the service provider.

If the answers on this page do not help you, please contact your customer support of your service provider (e.g., your bank or insurance company) directly.

Questions and Answers

Where can I get help?

If you get stuck with the answers on this page, please contact your service provider's customer support directly (e.g. your bank or insurance company). 

Due to data privacy and security considerations, we cannot access user information or log files and therefore cannot offer direct end-user support.

I have a new smartphone. How can I make the app work again? In the app I see the message "No user accounts were found in the backup."

When you restore the device from a backup, the app automatically offers to restore your user account(s) when opened the first time. Tap on "Restore accounts" and follow the instructions in your app.

You may see the message "No user accounts were found in the backup" in the app under "More". In this case, your service provider has disabled the backup feature to protect your account. To connect the new device to your account, please contact your service provider.

Why do I get an error message when scanning a QR code?

A QR code is only processed if it is valid for setting up a 2FA account, authenticating or approving transactions, and if it has not expired. All other QR codes are either ignored or result in the display of an error message such as "Invalid QR code". If you have problems scanning a QR code, please check that it is indeed a valid QR code for one of the accounts in our app.

The Airlock 2FA app is not intended for scanning payment slips. Please use your e-banking app for this purpose.

Why is the app constantly running in the background on Android?

The authentication is based on push messages. In order to process push messages quickly, Android runs a background service (even after a successful login). This mechanism ensures that battery and data consumption is not negatively affected.

Does the app work without internet access?

Yes, the app works without internet access, like when you are abroad and you have turned off data roaming. If your cell phone has no connection, an alternative login method is automatically used. Therefore, the app may behave differently than usual. If you follow the on-screen instructions, you should still be able to log in to your service provider securely.

Why is my account locked when trying to log in with the Airlock 2FA app?

There are several reasons why an account may be locked. One reason can be multiple failed login attempts. The Airlock 2FA app cannot affect the locking behavior of the service you are using. Please contact the service desk of your service provider (e.g. your bank, insurance company or similar) to unlock your account.

Further support

For further help, please contact your service provider's customer support directly (e.g. your bank or insurance company).

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