Mobile security

Mobile business communication is becoming more important as time goes on: information has to be available quickly and easily. But at the same time, the company's internal security rules must not be breached. Airlock protects your business data by acting as a secure gateway for mobile data communication, with the added benefit of flexible access control.

Mobile security is a complex topic. Airlock Suite together with its technology partners provides extensive protection for your data, covering the mobile device, management of authentication tokens, as well as API protection on the server.

Mobile clients typically use RESTful webservices, which are protected by numerous features of the Airlock Suite. Read solution „API Security“ for more details on this topic. Airlock IAM enables central authentication and authorization for mobile apps by implementing standards such as OAuth and OpenID Connect. Moreover, Airlock IAM provides a REST API for user authentication, which can easily be integrated into custom mobile apps.

Our technology partners provide mobile apps for secure authentication and SDKs for protecting custom mobile apps. Airlock IAM integrates the corresponding authentication tokens and provides comprehensive token management functionality. In addition, Airlock IAM’s user self-services make onboarding of new mobile users quick and easy.

Secure mobile authentication without an app - that’s Mobile ID by Swisscom. The innovative solution is based on the international Mobile Signature Services (MSS) standard and leverages the SIM card as a secure environment for key material. Supporting Mobile ID in your applications is a breeze, because Mobile ID services are fully integrated in Airlock IAM.


  • Protection of REST APIs
  • Support for OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • REST interface for user authentication
  • Integration of leading partner solutions
  • Secure mobile apps for authentication
  •  SDKs for protecting custom apps
  • User Self-services for mobile tokens
  • Mobile ID support