Introduction Offer Threat Intelligence

Effective Security

Airlock WAF seamlessly integrates Webroot's Threat Intelligence Service. Based on the categories and trust levels provided, this automatically blocks dangerous clients and further increases application protection against misuse. Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services is a proactive, automated security solution that provides effective, real-time policy enforcement against the latest threats.


Webroot Threat Intelligence Features

  • Predictive intelligence enabled by our contextual database, combined with an unmatched historical database for additional threat insights
  • Intelligence based on comprehensive global presence and rich, real-world data
  • Continuously updated data in near-real time with reputation scoring and active threat status
  • Advanced cloud-based, machine-learning with massive computing power and patented mathematical models coupled with human feedback, threat research, and threat reverse engineering

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Whitepaper - OWASP Top 10

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