Airlock WAF 7.0

Airlock WAF 7.0

Seeing is believing.

Seeing is believing.

Airlock WAF 7 opens your eyes and makes security visible! The redesigned logging and reporting system focuses on every detail and shows the big picture. Your services are built for global success. Yet, it may be necessary to set digital boundaries, in particular when being attacked. The new release integrates IP-based geolocation on di!erent layers such as reporting, the operating system, and the central request logic - so you can see
and act if necessary. In addition, policy learning of whitelist rules enables integrators to quickly secure applications based on automatically generated suggestions.


Next Generation Logging

You confide data security to Airlock WAF. While trust is good, control is better. Therefore we redesigned the logging system as a solid basis for e!ective troubleshooting, easy reporting and seamless SIEM integration. The new logviewer with appealing design provides a powerful query language, flexible filters, dynamic presentation of relevant data and lots of predefined searches.

Next Generation Reporting

Our next-generation reporting ensures you don’t miss the forest for the trees. Integrated with the new logviewer, the reporting system features various predefined dashboards with statistics for analyzing attacks, performance problems or application issues. Of course, custom reports can be defined and saved. All charts are generated dynamically from log data. This allows for interactive drill-down between logviewer and reporting to eventually find the root cause of any anomaly.

SIEM Integration

Airlock is no island. For a seamless integration of SIEM solutions with Airlock WAF, support for JSON and CEF (Common Event Format) data formats for log forwarding was added. Airlock’s CEF integration in HP ArcSight has been o!icially certified. Furthermore, the Airlock App for Splunk has been revised based on the new log format and will soon be published in version 2.0.

Geolocation Awareness

Airlock WAF 7 detects the geographic origin of requests based on IP addresses. This information is leveraged for operation security and stability. As an example, customers can be protected from an ongoing DDoS attack by restricting application access to the most important customer regions, temporarily locking out the rest of the world. Also, customer redirects based on their country of origin are possible. A sudden region change in a user
session may seem suspicious and be reacted upon in Airlock’s client fingerprinting engine. Needless to say, the new reporting supports map visualizations of access statistics.

Whitelist Learning

Good whitelist rules provide strong security for applications and APIs. For that to work, rules must be tight, cover an entire application and be up to date. Airlock WAF 7 meets these challenges by automatically generating whitelist rules in the policy learning dashboard. Those suggestions are based on actual tra!ic, are highly secure and can be updated by future suggestions.

A closer look under the hood of Airlock WAF 7 reveals lots of additional improvements. Most importantly, Airlock’s base operating system was raised to the most current major release to ensure support for modern hardware in the long-term. Administrators will love the new bulk operations, executing selected changes on a set of mappings all at once. For a complete overview of new features, such as the Exchange 2016 Mapping Templates or the support for Thales nChipher HSM devices, as well as fixed bugs, please refer to the download page in Techzone.


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