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Customized protection of your interfaces

Modern applications and services shift the user guidance into the end devices of the users, as Single-Page Application (SPA) in the browser or as Smartphone App. Communication with the servers thus focuses on the exchange of process data via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). REST/JSON APIs, in particular, are currently in vogue. The new architecture exposes them to a large extent and they require the same level of protection against web attacks. Airlock API is therefore based on Airlock WAF and comes with a solid filter arsenal for web security.


Airlock API Gateway

  • Enforces API Specification
  • API Keys and Usage Plans
  • Multitenancy for REST API
  • Prevents invalid & unauthorized requests
  • Blocks API attacks
  • DevSecOps: guaranteed safe DevOps
  • Reporting, statistics & monitoring
  • Load balancing
  • Mobile Security

The OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks

APIs are likely to develop, over the coming years, into the main attack surface for web applications. OWASP is responding to this with a new and specialised top ten list for API security.

Read our whitepaper "Airlock and the OWASP Top 10 for API Security 2019" and learn all about the ten biggest API security risks and how you can protect yourself against them.

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Read the specialist article published in Heise Magazine to find out more about the new OWASP Top 10 list, the background and responsibilities.

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In the special issue of the iX Developer magazine you can learn more about the new and specialized OWASP Top Ten list and where developers are required to take action.Read the special issue

Advanced API Protection

The Airlock API gateway offers a range of protective mechanisms that are tailor-made for APIs. JSON Schema and OpenAPI specifications for APIs can be uploaded and enforced via the gateway. Only API calls that meet these specifications will be forwarded to the internal APIs. Innovative functions such as dynamic value endorsement (DyVE) also enable dynamic whitelisting of permitted variables within an API interaction.

API access control

One of the main reasons for using API gateways is to ensure access control to APIs. The Airlock API gateway validates access tokens and permits role-based access authorisation for API end points. The Airlock API gateway works in conjunction with Airlock IAM to support OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect 1.0 and SAML 2.0 in protecting access to APIs.

High availability

The Airlock API gateway is a reverse proxy with failover and load-balancing functions, efficiently ensuring high availability of connected services. When modifications are made to the application infrastructure (e.g. starting/stoping of additional instances), Airlock API automatically takes over and enables high scalability. TLS is also terminated in advance, relieving the burden on APIs and enabling simple scaling.

Learn more about high availability

API monitoring, statistics and reporting

Built-in dynamic reporting provides an overview of all API access attempts at all times. Access logs for API calls can be forwarded to peripheral systems and, therefore, be used as a basis for monetisation of accesses. Interactive dashboards ensure an overview of both attempted attacks and specification violations, highlighting performance problems and displaying back-end faults.

Learn more about Reporting and SIEM integration


Thanks to its comprehensive REST API, the Airlock API gateway is easy to integrate into DevOps pipelines. The outcomes of service events in a microservice architecture environment can be tracked automatically via the API gateway. For example, a service update can automatically deploy the new OpenAPI specification to the API gateway.

Learn more about DevSecOps

Toward DevSecOps

In a DevSecOps culture, every agile team has a security expert. He fulfills non-functional requirements, so the product owner includes security in the development plan.

Read this whitepaper to learn key insights on how to successfully and efficiently implement DevSecOps, what security components are needed to make it happen, and the benefits of a microgateway architecture.

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Virtual Appliance

Airlock Cloud Image

Microgateway as a container

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Convincing performance: Gold for the Airlock API Gateway

Not only our customers, but also the independent information security community is convinced. The Airlock API Gateway Hub has been awarded Gold at the Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2022 in the API Security category. In total, Airlock solutions have won the gold award seven times.

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