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Airlock Microgateway

Modern IT security architectures are evolving towards micro segmentation and zero trust architectures. Modern software development is done in agile teams and follows DevOps paradigms. The Airlock Microgateway is the perfect fit for these requirements. The new component is a lightweight alternative to the Airlock Gateway appliance and can be used as a container in microservice architectures. The development was done in close cooperation with DevOps professionals and pilot customers.

Airlock Microgateway

Key Component for Zero Trust

With the advent of microservice architectures and DevOps practices, central security gateways concentrating many tasks for all services on a single system have increasingly been challenged. The various stakeholders may have differing requirements, timelines and policies for the single system they share.


Airlock Microgateway 2.0

Airlock Microgateway 2.0 brings many innovations: An optimised deployment concept with a separate runtime image, simplified integration of Airlock IAM and an interface for Prometheus metrics!

In addition, there are several DSL enhancements.


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Security should be part of a deployment pipeline from the very first minute. Adding security only as a last step before going live frequently leads to security teams being blamed for missed deadlines, to unhealthy compromises and ongoing tension between teams. As developers are asked to embrace operational responsibility for their services, they require a security component that

  • is lightweight (for coupling with microservices),
  • belongs to them (so they can take responsibility) and
  • follows DevOps best practices for automation and configuration.

This is where the Airlock Microgateway comes in. The Airlock Microgateway is based on the time-tested security core of the Airlock Gateway appliance. It supports most security features, such as Deny Rules, OpenAPI specifications as well as JWT validation and examination. It has no graphical UI but uses a stripped down configuration file based on a DSL, for simple integration in developer tooling.

The Airlock Microgateway is designed to run on Kubernetes and OpenShift. It follows an individual release schedule. 

As a start-up in the tech sector, we sought an innovation partner that offered both high speed and extensive expertise. These are precisely the characteristics that distinguish Airlock, and during collaboration you clearly feel that you’re dealing with engineers and not just sellers. The benefit for us is that we get exactly the future-proof solutions we need – a major plus especially in times of digital transformation.

Sandro Toneatto, CTO, dacadoo AG

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Zero Trust is a journey

The digital transformation of the world continues to progress, and it is profoundly affecting private life and job profiles in a manner that was hard to imagine just a few years ago.

In this paper, we discuss the effects of ongoing digitization and how it affects modern information technology in general and information security in particular.

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Convincing performance: Gold for the Airlock Airlock Microgateway 1.0

Not only our customers, but also the independent information security community is convinced. The Airlock Microgateway 1.0 has been awarded Gold at the Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2021 in the Zero Trust Security category. In total, Airlock solutions have won the gold award seven times.

Toward DevSecOps

In a DevSecOps culture, every agile team has a security expert. He fulfills non-functional requirements, so the product owner includes security in the development plan.

Read this whitepaper to learn key insights on how to successfully and efficiently implement DevSecOps, what security components are needed to make it happen, and the benefits of a microgateway architecture.

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Zero Trust is a journey

The digital transformation of the world continues to progress, and it is profoundly affecting private life and job profiles in a manner that was hard to imagine just a few years ago.

This whitepaper covers the effects of continuous digitization and its implications.

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Toward DevSecOps

In this whitepaper, you will learn the most important insights into how you can successfully and efficiently implement DevSecOps, which security components are required for this, and what benefits a microgateway architecture brings.

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Airlock 2FA - Strong Authentication. Easy.

The two-factor authentication in the area of IT security offers double the security.

Find out more about strong authentication and the possibilities that Airlock offers in our whitepaper.

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