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Swiss Post, the Swiss postal service, doesn’t just deliver letters and packages. It is increasingly reinventing itself as a one-stop service provider, transporting information reliably and sustainably and adding value. From this starting-point, Swiss Post set itself the goal some years ago of developing an e-health system that would allow the various parties involved in the healthcare sector to exchange patient data securely – and to ensure that the integrity of such sensitive information is guaranteed at all times, Swiss Post is turning to the Airlock Secure Access Hub for its vivates e-health system.


Patients often move between different service providers – they might have a GP who refers them to a specialist, for example, who will then determine that a surgical procedure is required, resulting in an in-patient hospital stay. At the moment, patients often have to cart their information (X-ray images, for example) from one doctor to the next themselves and are routinely subjected to the same questions again and again. A case notes dossier that can be accessed by every attending physician and where examination results can be recorded will ease this process considerably.

Patient data is a sensitive business, however; nobody wants the world to be able to look up their medical history. Health data is protected in Europe as a “special category of processing”, which means that the security requirements are even stricter than for banks; access must be granted on an individual basis to each party involved. This authorisation is carried out either by the patient or via the assignment system: anyone uploading documents to the dossier will simultaneously determine who may view the information, and thus implicitly authorise the recipient. The patient retains control of access rights at all times and can decide who may view the documents.

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