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From measuring fever and pulse to blood tests: Hardly any other industry is as data-oriented as the healthcare sector. And dacadoo makes this data useful, both for people as well as insurers and health organizations. The Zurich-based start-up has become a real driver of innovation in e-health – thanks also to Airlock, the security solutions by Ergon Informatik AG.


The challenge: Any business that grows and gains new customers, countries, and partners needs to scale quickly and adjust its applications to new requirements in an agile way. But simple deployment and efficient onboarding is difficult to realize with complex IT systems. For this reason, dacadoo opted for a fundamental change of course in 2019: away from big applications and toward agile microservices.

The solution: Microservices are almost predestined for fast scaling, since complex application software is composed of independent processes. And Airlock Microgateway is the ideal solution for microservice architectures and DevOps methods because it is based on the proven core security of the Airlock Gateway Appliance and enables short innovation cycles, automated roll-outs, and distributed applications in cloud environments.

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