itsa 2022

itsa 2022 is over. We were able to hold many interesting discussions on the change in application security and present exciting presentations to the guests at the forums.

At our congress, you could learn in helpful presentations how the world of application security has changed through new technologies and approaches for higher agility and usability. Simon Hülsbömer (Senior Project Manager Research Study Projects in the market research of CIO, CSO and COMPUTERWOCHE) provided exciting insights into how German companies have already reacted to the changes, what status they are at and what next steps are planned. In an use case from V-Bank, guests learned how the company has moved into an agile world with agile security. Finally, identity moved to the centre of application security: The principle of Continuos Adaptive Trust was presented, the advantages of this approach, as well as the technological requirements, were explained. 

itsa congress:

IT-Security - from a spoilsport to an accelerator of digitization.

Agenda of the Congress

 Welcome by Peter Häusermann, CEO Knowledge Lab AG and Thomas Kohl Senior Business Development International
PresentationThe changing face of application security, Thomas Kohl, Senior Business Development International
PresentationCurrent status in German companies, Simon Hülsbömer, Senior Project Manager Research Study-projects in market research by CIO, CSO and COMPUTERWOCHE
 Pause and refreshments
PresentationAgile Security: a customer example from V-Bank, Henrique Säuberli, Head Innovation & Infrastructure Knowledge Lab AG 
PresentationContinuous Adaptive Trust – Buzzword or the way to the future? Marc Bütikofer, Head of Innovation, Airlock  
 Panel discussion (with Simon Hülsbömer
 Official end

General information about the congress

Application security is currently experiencing extensive change:  

Classic web applications are increasingly being replaced by APIs, with the aim of creating more open structures and achieving greater flexibility. In order to gain higher agility, availability and dynamics in the digitalization efforts of companies, a strong change of IT infrastructure away from on-premise into hybrid cloud environments with modern container technologies and microservices also took place. DevSecOps is one of the big buzzwords here. 

All these new technologies and approaches have also significantly changed web application and API security. In our congress, you will learn what the change means, what you should pay attention to and how you can optimally prepare your company for the innovations.  

You will also gain exciting insights into how German companies have already reacted to the changes, what status they are at and what next steps are planned. Simon Hülsbömer, Senior Project Manager Research Study Projects in the market research of CIO, CSO and COMPUTERWOCHE will present the new study "App & API Security in the Container Environment". Among other things, you will learn how security managers currently deal with containers and APIs, how they implement DevSecOps processes and much more.  

After a short break, Knowledge Lab AG will use the example of V-Bank to demonstrate its exciting path to an agile world with agile security. You will learn how the shift to the cloud can succeed, why "everything as code" became a guarantee for success, and what all this has to do with application security. 

However, the challenges of highly distributed systems with multicloud approaches in heterogeneous architectures have also made zero trust a new obligation: identity is thus becoming more central to application and API security.  

However, when talking about identities, another aspect besides security must also be brought into the spotlight: Usability. To achieve this, it is not enough to simply implement strong authentication. The user should not be deterred by excessive security requirements. With Continuous Adaptive Trust, identity can be continuously and time-dependently checked for the currently required risk level.  What Continuous Adaptive Trust is, which advantages you gain with it and what it takes, you will learn in the last part of the event.  

With the answers to these questions, you will be ready for a new chapter in application security.  

For organizational reasons, please register here: Seats are limited.  

The entire lecture program will be held twice on 26.10.2022 to give them more flexibility in combination with the trade fair visit: once from 10:00 and once from 14:00. The duration of the event is planned at 2 hours. 

Agile Security

The Whitepaper from the congress "Agile Security" you can finde here (german only):

Study - App and API-Security in container environments

The study app and API-security in container environments you can find here:

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Zero Trust is a journey

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