ISG ProviderLens™ Report

Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM will continue to be a prominent domain in cybersecurity. The main reason for the growing demand for IAM solutions is the increase in digitization across all areas. This drives the need to protect not only users and their identities, but also machines and certain business areas (Industry 4.0). The number of users, devices and services is also increasing, along with the digital identities to be managed. A major factor is the adoption of the home office as a responsive measure to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employees are accessing corporate resources remotely, making regulation compliance and control of access to data and systems more important. Swiss providers, like Ergon AG, often have leadership in this market.

In the ProviderLens™ Report "Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Identity and Access Management (IAM)" of the Information Services Group Germany GmbH, Ergon and its product Airlock IAM were awarded Leader. You can find an overview of Ergon's strengths and caution in the competition between IAM providers here. You can download the complete report below.

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