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Airlock WAF Engineer

Training goals

The expert training is for Airlock administrators who want to expand their knowledge in order to use Airlock WAF to its fullest. After completing this training, participants know in detail about Airlock’s advanced configuration options, as well as all the available Airlock modules.

Administrative information

The training is taught by a member of Ergon’s Airlock Professional Services team. It consists of 3 days, including extensive hands-on practical exercises and takes place at Ergon’s premises at Merkurstrasse 43, 8032 Zurich.

CHF 2.475 (2.250 Euro)
including certification
On demand: + CHF 200 (EUR 180) for printed handouts on paper.

Further information


  • system administrators
  • network technicians
  • system integrators
  • security engineers
  • system operator


  • presentation of Airlock WAF
  • concept, overview and architecture
  • operation and maintenance
  • integration of applications
  • redirecting and rewriting
  • filter configuration by manual using integration and policy learning
  • session handling and authentication
  • setip of an HA failover cluster


Basic knowledge of the following topics is required:

  • network concepts
  • authentication/authorization
  • SSL certificates
  • regular expressions
  • technical expressions like:
    • Ethernet, TCP/IP, firewall, routing
    • DNS
    • SSL, encryption
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • SSH, Windows


To achieve AWE certification, participation in the Airlock WAF Engineer (AWE) training is recommended but not mandatory. Typical certification candidates are system administrators, network engineers and system integrators.

The examination lasts 60 minutes and usually takes place during the last day of the AWE training. It consists of a multiple choice test and covers all topics from the AWE training. Upon successful completion of the certification, the participant will receive his or her Airlock WAF Engineer (AWE) certificate, which is valid for 3 years.

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