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Trainings goals

This training is the first to be visited within Airlock Academy. It presents an overview of the components and concepts of the Secure Access Hub. You will learn how they interact and how you can solve your use-cases.

Administrative information

This course is held by Airlock employees. It's one day long and includes hands-on labs. It is held remotely and you will get the access information before the course.

CHF 2.850 (EUR 2.590)
including certification

Further information


  • Secure Access Hub clients and partner
  • Secure Access Hub provider
  • Integration engineers
  • Future Connaisseur course participants


  • Scure Access Hub overview and components

  • WAF Deployment

  • WAF Basic Configuration

  • WAF Logs

  • WAF Sessions and Access Control

  • IAM Introduction

  • IAM Instances and Modules

  • IAM Main Settings

  • IAM Authentication behind WAF/API GW

  • API GW Overview


To achieve AWX certification, participation in the Airlock WAF Expert (AWX) training is recommended but not mandatory. Typical certification candidates are system administrators, network engineers and system integrators.


The examination lasts 90 minutes and usually takes place during the last day of the AWX training. It consists of a multiple choice test and covers all topics from the AWX training. Upon successful completion of the certification, the participant will receive his or her Airlock WAF Engineer (AWX) certificate, which is valid for 3 years.

For further information about Airlock Secure Access click here.

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